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Forms 1099 must be processed before they can be edited.

If the processed forms 1099 are visible on your computer monitor, proceed to step 3 below.

If the processed forms 1099 are not visible on your computer monitor, you must process again before you can edit a 1099.

Editing a 1099

  1. Go to Payables > 1099-MISC.
  2. Select the vendors, or select all, to reprocess their 1099-MISC
  3. Click Process.***

    **This step is not necessary if the processed forms 1099-MISC are being displayed on your monitor.
  4. Double-click the vendor in the vendor list, use the Find Vendor drop list, or page through the processed 1099s using the 1099 page tabs.
  5. Make necessary edits directly in the appropriate fields. 

  6. If needed, select the VOID or CORRECTED check box on individual processed Forms 1099-MISC.

    Refer to the IRS instructions for more information about voided Forms 1099 at

    If you wish to print forms 1099-MISC or 1096 at this time, proceed to the next step. If not, click Save.

  7. Select the vendors from the list on the left side to print their 1099-MISC. 

Printing the 1096 (With an Electronic Signature)

Check Print 1096 to print it. 

If an electronic signature has been set up (see “Electronic Signatures”), select the desired signature from the drop list to sign the 1096. 

The Electronic Signature drop list will be empty If electronic signatures have not been set up to be used with tax forms. 

Print Options

Select the 1099 copies to print from the Print Options section

Copy A

  • This option prints a copy of the 1099-MISC for the IRS.

Other Copies All

  • Use this option to select to print all copies other than copy A.


  • This option selects all copies to be printed, including copy A. 
  • Clear any check boxes for copies you do not wish to print.

    Copy A and the 1096 must be printed on the preprinted red line forms. The other copies can be printed on plain paper if you are using a laser printer. Refer to “Adjust Tax Form Printing” for information on adjusting printing alignment for the preprinted forms.

Saving Processed Forms 1099-MISC

You can print the processed 1099-MISC later by clicking Save, or to print them now, click Save/Print to not only save the processed forms 1099-MISC, but to have them display as a PDF that you can print from. 

If the Print 1096 check box is selected when you click Save/Print, the 1096 displays in a separate PDF window.

Click the icon to print from the PDF window.

Did you know that if you have the Drake Tax software installed, you can use Drake Documents to save your PDF forms and reports?

See "How to Set Up Drake Documents for Drake Accounting" and "How to Save Reports in Drake Documents" for more information.

You must click either Save/Print or Save in order for the 1096 to be updated.

Reprocessing forms 1099-MISC that have previously been processed and edited results in the edits being overwritten.

For more information, please see "Processing and Printing the 1099-MISC and 1096".

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