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This article is for Drake Accounting 2018. To view this article for Drake Accounting 2019, click here

Every module within Drake Accounting® is listed in order of the workflow.


  1. Use the Payables > Options to set up general payables settings and assign specific account numbers from the Chart of Accounts to various payables features.
  2. Go to Payables > Vendor Setup to create vendors along with 1099 options, GL accounts, direct deposit and vendor notes.
  3. Go to Payables > Invoices to create a new invoice, edit an existing invoice for a vendor, and make payments.
  4. Go to Payables > Payments to make payments to vendors.
  5. Go to Payables > Check Writer to use the Check Writer to quickly print vendor checks on the fly without having to schedule a payment.
  6. Go to Payables > Check Alignment to use the check alignment feature to change the alignment of information printed on vendor checks.
  7. Go to Payables > Check Print once live vendor invoices have been entered for direct deposit employees and vendors and their pay stubs have been printed, transmit the pay information to Kotapay (formerly InterceptEFT).
  8. Go to Payables > 1099-MISC to process 1099-MISC forms for vendors if applicable.
  9. Go to Payables > Crystal Reports® to run various reports including Vendor lists, open invoices, vendor payments register, etc.


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