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  1. Get a Transmitter Control Code (TCC), and
  2. Register on the IRS’s FIRE web site.


Getting a Transmitter Control Code

  1. Go to

  2. Complete Form 4419.

    • Select only the first box below line 7 unless the others are absolutely necessary. 

    • If you select more than the first box, the IRS will call you to verify your selection. 

    • This action will cause delay your application to be delayed.

  3. Fax the completed form to 877-477-0572.

  4. Check on the status of the 4419 application (and receive the 5-character TCC over the phone, call toll free: 866-455-7438 (option 4). You will also receive a letter from the IRS with your TCC.

  5. In Drake Accounting®, go to Firm > Setup Firm Information and enter the TCC.

  6. Click Save


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