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The Creation of the 1099 extension file must be created occur before it can be filed (either paper or e-File). 


Please note the following changes for tax year 2018:

Please see Pub. 1220 (pg. 147, Section 1.01) for more information (

Form 8809 is available to print under Tools > Print Blank Forms > Federal > Miscellaneous > 8809.

A notice of this has also been added to exists on the bottom of the Request for Extension of Time window (see screenshot above).


  1. Go to e-Filings > 1099/1098 > Create Extension File
  2. Enter the Control Code
    • This code is a five-character alphanumeric Transmitter Control Code (TCC) assigned by the IRS. 
    • A TCC must be obtained to file data with Drake Accounting. 
    • Submit Form 4419 to the IRS to obtain a TCC. 
    • See "Before You Can e-File 1099s" for more information. 
  3.  Complete the Payer Information section:
    • TIN — Enter a nine-digit Taxpayer Identification Number assigned to the taxpayer. A number that is all zeros, ones, twos, etc., results in an invalid TIN.
    • Name — Enter the name of the payer whose TIN has been entered. If additional room is need for the name, use the Name-Cont field.
    • Recipient Request Indicator — Select this box if the extension request is to furnish statements to the recipients of the information return.
    • Address — Enter the address of the payer. The street address should include number, street, apartment or suite number, or PO box if mail is not delivered to a street address.
    • City — Enter the city, town, or post office of the payer.
    • State — Enter the two-character state code.
    • Zip — Enter the nine-digit ZIP code assigned by the U.S. Postal Service. If only the first five digits are known, then use the five-digit ZIP code.

  4. Click Create File.


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