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You can apply e-signatures to Payroll checks, Accounts Payable checks, Federal forms, and State Tax & Wage forms. Once you have set your signature up under Setup > Electronic Signatures, go to the module you wish to see your e-signature appear. See "How to Set Up Electronic Signatures (2019)" for more information. 

Check Print

  1. To print your signature on paychecks, go to Employees > Check Print
  2. Select the appropriate signature in the Electronic Signature drop list. 
  3. Select the employee’s check and click Print.

Federal Forms

  1. Go to On the Fly > Federal Forms
  2. Choose your signature to populate on Forms W-2 and Forms 1096 after selecting which form you need in the upper left corner of the screen.
  3. When you are filling out Forms 94x, you will have to go to the appropriate signature line and select the signature you want on the form.

State Tax & Wage Forms

You can either go to Employees > State Tax & Wage Forms or On the Fly > State Tax & Wage Forms. Once you choose the appropriate state form, you can select your electronic signature on the appropriate line on the form.

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