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What is "On the Fly" Data Entry?

“On the Fly” (OTF) is a data entry method that creates a specific form but does not enter the financial data in bookkeeping. On the fly data entry allows you to generate a form without entering previous transactions reflected in the form.

For example, you can print a W-2 without setting up payroll and entering payroll transactions reflected on the W-2.  Once the form is generated, none of the financial data is retained in Drake Accounting.

OTF forms appear in the drop list under On the Fly module in the tree mode.

None of the information entered OTF carries into bookkeeping.

You must create OTF forms under the correct client or employer; creating Forms W-2 and 1099 on the fly under the wrong client results in an incorrect W-3 and 1096 for that client. If you do not have the correct client already in Drake Accounting, you need to create the client.

What Forms Can Be Created OTF in Drake Accounting?

Create, save, process, print, and e-file Forms W-2, W-2G, 1096, 1099 (MISC, DIV, INT, R, PATR, S, A, B, C, and W-2G), 1098-MORT, 1098-T, and 94x series tax returns. You can create and print many state forms on the fly as well.

Update Prior Year OTF Clients

If you created on the fly forms in Drake Accounting last year, you can bring forward your OTF clients from last year’s Drake Accounting by going to On the Fly > Update Prior Year. Once the desired client exists in Drake Accounting 2019, make that client the active client.

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