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Creation of the 1099 extension file must occur before it can be filed (either paper or e-File). 

Please note the following changes for tax year 2018:

Please see Pub. 1220 (pg. 147, Section 1.01) for more information (

Form 8809 is available to print under Tools > Print Blank Forms > Federal > Miscellaneous > 8809.

A notice of this exists on the bottom of the Request for Extension of Time window (see screenshot above).

To create an upload file for an extension of time to file a 1099, complete the following steps:

  1. Go to e-Filings > 1099/1098 > Create Extension File
  2. Enter the Control Code
    • This code is a five-character alphanumeric Transmitter Control Code (TCC) assigned by the IRS. 
    • A TCC must be obtained to file data with Drake Accounting. 
    • Submit Form 4419 to the IRS to obtain a TCC. 
    • See "Before You Can e-File 1099s" for more information. 
  3.  Complete the Payer Information section:
    • TIN — Enter a nine-digit Taxpayer Identification Number assigned to the taxpayer. A number that is all zeros, ones, twos, etc., results in an invalid TIN.
    • Name — Enter the name of the payer whose TIN has been entered. If additional room is need for the name, use the Name-Cont field.
    • Recipient Request Indicator — Select this box if the extension request is to furnish statements to the recipients of the information return.
    • Address — Enter the address of the payer. The street address should include number, street, apartment or suite number, or PO box if mail is not delivered to a street address.
    • City — Enter the city, town, or post office of the payer.
    • State — Enter the two-character state code.
    • Zip — Enter the nine-digit ZIP code assigned by the U.S. Postal Service. If only the first five digits are known, then use the five-digit ZIP code.

  4. Click Create File.

To transmit Forms 1099 and 1099 extension requests:

  1. Go to e-Filings > 1099/1098 > Transmit File.
  2. Click the IRS Fire link to access the IRS FIRE website and upload Forms 1099 and 1099 extension requests.
  3. Click the IRS Test link to access the IRS FIRE test website. 
    1. Use this to send a test file for a state that you have not previously uploaded to the IRS
  4. Once connected to the FIRE website, click Log On.
  5. Enter your User ID and Password (the password is case sensitive). 
  6. Click Click here to continue.
  7. Click Send Information Returns.
  8. Enter your TCC and TIN.
  9. Click Submit.
  10. Click Accept.
  11. Click either Original File or Correction File
  12. Click Submit.
  13. Enter your 10-digit PIN and click Submit.
  14. Click Browse to locate the file and open it.
  15. Click Upload.

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