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This article is for Drake Accounting 2019. To view this article for Drake Accounting 2018, click here

For more information about the Direct Deposit feature in Drake Accounting, see "Direct Deposit Overview". 

After you enter your account information that you received from Kotapay into Firm > Direct Deposit Setup, you can test direct deposit in Drake Accounting.

Sending a test will allow you to confirm:

  1. The information you entered in the Direct Deposit Setup (the PIN, Password, User Name, and Authentication Card) is correct.
  2. Ensure the file successfully uploads to Kotapay.
  3. Check for any connection issues.

This test file does not post through to the bank because this process generates an "empty file" with no payroll information.

Enter Live Payroll

  1. Go Employees > Payroll.

    You can test direct deposit for Live Payroll.
  2. Select a client and then on the right-hand side, check the option, Test Direct Deposit
  3. If you entered or edited any payroll information, the information will default back to 0. 
  4. When you click Save, a message will display and ask if you want to continue. Click Yes

  5. Click Exit
  6. If you do not have Suppress Check Stub Printing for Direct Deposit checked (under Employees > Options or Payables > Options), you will need to print the stubs in the Check Writer screen. 

As a result, an "empty file" generates, so no actual client information is sent to Kotapay when you transmit.

Transmitting the Test Direct Deposit

When you go to Employees > Payroll > Transmit Direct Deposit, make sure you send the "empty file" generated in the steps above!

Once you click Transmit, Drake Accounting cannot retrieve this file, so please ensure you are transmitting the correct file.

  1. After selecting the correct file, click Transmit
  2. A window will display (see below) and will show you a message that the file has been refused and is empty. 

    The message you will see will look like this one displayed below. This rejection is the correct message.

    Remember, you are sending an "empty file", so there will be no information to transmit!

    You are testing your connection, the information entered in Direct Deposit Setup, and ensuring the file transferred successfully to Kotapay.

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