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This article is for Drake Accounting 2019. To view this article for Drake Accounting 2018, click here

There are several features available related to bank reconciliation, including moving book transactions to the bank, reconciling transactions, and reversing transactions. All of these features are available under Accounting > Bank Reconciliation. For more information on entering and importing for a bank reconciliation in Drake Accounting, click here

See the Table of Contents below for more information. 

Moving Book Transactions to Bank

  1. Highlight all transactions that you wish to change. 
    • You can do this by holding down the Control (Ctrl) Key and left-clicking the transactions or holding down the left mouse button and dragging the pointer over transactions.
  2. Press the right arrow  located in the middle of the screen to transfer them to the Bank Report (on the right).

    The right arrow moves Book transactions (left) to the Bank side (right) and marks the Book transactions as Cleared.

    If there are transactions that should be on the Bank transaction side, and they are not currently imported Bank Statement, or you're not utilizing a Bank Statement, moving the transactions using the right arrow allows them to be marked as Cleared. The transactions can be reconciled quickly, to the same effect as matching from a Bank Statement or adding a new row to the Bank side and matching from there.

    Using the right arrow to move the Book transactions to the Bank side tends to be more accurate than merely marking a transaction as Cleared without having a Bank transaction to match because this allows the Reconciliation to behave as it should with a Book/Bank counterbalance.

    The left arrow moves Bank transactions (right) to the Book side (left) and marks this new Book transaction as Cleared, and this transaction is considered a Reversing Entry. These are generally reserved for when there are transactions from the Bank side that otherwise should not be on the Book side from the discretion of the user, but these transactions still need to show up on the Book side to balance out the Reconciliation. 

  3. All highlighted transactions are now moved to the Bank side and “Cleared” on the Book side (left side). 

 Marking Multiple Transactions as a Certain Reconciled Type

  1. Highlight all transactions that you wish to change by holding down the Control Key and left-clicking or by holding down the left mouse button and dragging the pointer over all appropriate transactions.
  2. Click the “Type” drop list and select the reconciled type you wish to assign to it
  3.  All highlighted transactions will now be of this type.
Marking these as “Cleared” will not move the transaction to the Bank side.

Sending the Transaction to the Book as a Reversed Entry

  1.  Create the new transactions button  on the Bank side (right side) that you wish to adjust. 
  2. Highlight all applicable transactions you wish to reverse on the Book. 
  3. Press the left arrow button pointing towards the Book Report side to send the transaction as a reversed entry. They will look similar to this:

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