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This article is for Drake Accounting 2019. To view this article for Drake Accounting 2018, click here

The transmission for Direct Deposit for both Employees and Vendors has changed from Client Write-Up (CWU).

See the Table of Contents below for more information. 

The screenshots below demonstrate the use of Employee payments, but they do not change for AP Vendors. The only difference is that a non-1099 vendor codes with a “CCD”. Use the Vendors Company name and a 1099 vendor coded with a “PPD”, and the Vendors name will post as in the employee payroll. The addition of the “CCD” is due to money going to corporate accounts and not to individual accounts.

Changes from CWU to Drake Accounting

The above screen shows the new view in Drake Accounting. Buttons that were in CWU removed in Drake Accounting are the Verify Dates, Request Reports, and Review Reports because Kotapay will handle all these functions.

To select reports, you choose the Request Reports link at the bottom of the screen. Because of this, the Reports tab no longer appears. The link will bring up the report selection screen on Kotapay's web site. 

The ACH Processing Calendar will display the official ACH holidays and Kotapay's Processing Times, which can also be accessed here.  

Payroll Processing with Kotapay


In Drake Accounting, when you select Transmit, a web browser window will open. The above screen will display. In this case, it says Short Window in pink. This message means the check could transmit outside the processing window, and additional processing fees could occur. There are a few options:

  1. One is to select Continue to continue to process. 
  2. Change Dates so the check will be within the processing window. 
  3. Reject File will remove the file, and the client can start over. 

Changing the Check Date

If you single-click the date, the screen below will be displayed to allow you to adjust the check date. Select one of the three options and then Change Date. If you change the date, the Short Window error (shown above in pink) clears from the screen, and you can process the file without extra processing fees.


If you click Show on the Directions line, you will find an explanation of a status:


Submitting the File to Kotapay

Once you are satisfied with the file, select Continue. You will then see a summary of the file (shown below) and have the option to Submit File, Reject File, or look at the records in the batch by clicking Batch Summary.


 When clicking Submit File, you will see the screen below (which notifies you when the file has uploaded). 

Report Processing

The below screen can be accessed by selecting Request Reports at the bottom of the Drake Accounting Direct Deposit and Transmit window. 

You can select the Directions or select the available reports.

The reports can be printed using Adobe, Excel, or CSV. 


For more information about direct deposit in Drake Accounting, please see "Direct Deposit Overview" and "Testing Direct Deposit".

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