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Enter direct deposit information for the employee on the Direct Deposit tab.

Be sure that each field with a  icon is completed, as these are required entries. 

See "Direct Deposit Overview" for more information about setting up and transmitting direct deposit. 

Kotapay (formerly InterceptEFT) is Drake’s agent for direct deposit.

You must call them (866) 431-9926 and establish your account prior to using the Direct Deposit feature.

Drake has established a special fee schedule with Kotapay for our clients.

It’s important that you identify yourself as a Drake client whenever you communicate with Kotapay.

Direct Deposit Information

Direct Deposit Payroll Checks

Account Type

Checking Numbers

 If the direct deposit will be split between two accounts at the same bank, enter the bank routing number select the Use Same Routing Number check box.

The Checking Routing Number will be automatically entered into the Savings Routing Number field.

Savings Numbers


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