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In short, these are the steps to using the Direct Deposit feature in Drake Accounting:

  1. Establish your account with Kotapay (formerly known as InterceptEFT). See below for more information. 
  2. Complete the Direct Deposit Setup screen. 
  3. Identify which employees will receive their pay by direct deposit. Refer to the Direct Deposit tab information under Employee Setup for direct deposit set up instructions.
  4. Enter live payroll information that includes direct deposit employees. Print check stubs if you desire. See below for more details.
  5. Transmit the pay information to Kotapay.

Please see below for the Table of Contents to read more information.

Before configuring Drake Accounting® for direct deposit, you must first set up an account with Kotapay. 

Contact Kotapay at (866) 431-9926 for information and pricing, or visit their website at

Once you've sent your request for an account to Kotapay, they will send a packet of information to you regarding your account.

  • Included in this packet is all of the information required to complete the Firm > Direct Deposit Setup screen.

Drake has negotiated discount pricing with Kotapay for this service.

When speaking to Kotapay, you must identify yourself as a Drake client to take advantage of this special pricing.

Setup Direct Deposit 

  1. Go to Firm > Direct Deposit Setup.
  2. Using the drop lists to select letters and numbers or carefully type the letters and numbers to match the Authentication Card (or "Bingo Card") received from Kotapay. 
  3. Enter the PIN, UserID, and Password of the “Primary” Kotapay account. 
  4. From the Processing Window drop list, select the option stating you have contracted with Kotapay to use
  5. Go to Employees > Employee Setup.
  6. The Details link presents an explanation of when Kotapay must have the file based on the contracted processing window to avoid increased processing fees.
  7. Click Save.

The Direct Deposit Tab

  1. Check Direct Deposit Payroll Checks.
  2. Select the Account Type to which the funds are supposed to go. 
  3. Enter the employee’s banking routing and account numbers. 
  4. Click Save once you are finished.

Entering Pay Records for Direct Deposit

  1. Go to Employees > Payroll > Live.
  2. Enter details or changes about the pay just as you would for any other check.
  3. On the Live Payroll screen, enter the correct date for your Kotapay window in the Check Date Field.
  4. Select No Stub (on the right) to suppress check printing when you prepare payroll for a direct deposit employee.
  5. After saving the pay record, check stubs are available for printing as described below.

When No Stub is selected, the check date field on the Live Payroll screen determines the direct deposit date for Kotapay. Make sure this is correct. If the check date is within your Kotapay processing window, it will result in increased processing fees.

Printing Check Stubs

  1. On Check Print screen, select Direct Deposit to display the direct deposit employees, and choose Stubs only to print check stubs.
  2.  Enter the correct Check Date for your Kotapay processing window.
  3. Click Print to print the check stub for the direct deposit employee.

Transmit Direct Deposit

For detailed instructions on transmitting to Kotapay, see "Direct Deposit Changes".

  1. Go to Employees > Transmit Direct Deposit.
  2. Enter the beginning and ending check dates. 
  3. Select the employees to transmit.
  4. Click Transmit.
  5. When a new window from Kotapay displays, follow the prompts. 

Testing Direct Deposit

Did you know you can send a test for direct deposit? See "Testing Direct Deposit" for more information.

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