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Designate a customer status and corresponding message to appear in the Status field on the Receivables > Invoices screen when a customer is selected from the Customer drop list. When a customer has a status of Active, no message displays. This message does not print on customer statements or invoices.

To associate status messages with customer statuses:

  1. Go to Receivables > Options > Customer Status tab.
  2. Click the  to create a new status. Click the  to delete it. 
  3. On the left, select a status of Warning, Hold, Inactive, or Notify from the Status drop list.
  4. On the right, enter a Status Message (max. 100 characters) in the Status Message.
  5. Repeat process for all needed status messages. 
  6. Click Save.
  7. Assign a status to a customer by going to Receivables > Customer Setup.

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